July 2021 OR Balance Update

This is intended to be the last balance update as we move towards a proof copy of the rulebook to send to the printers. Originally we had planned to split this up into two updates, one in July and the other in August in order to ease people into the changes. But we decided to combine them in order to use July and August to get feedback from our testers and players. We feel this is a more effective use of the time available and we hope you like where we ended up.

Please come visit us on the Discord and let us know how games are going for you. The link to the OR Discord is in the site’s title bar. We also encourage everyone to submit your game results using the free scorecard in the Best Coast Pairings mobile app.

The following changes have been made to the rules pack.


New Faction Rule

  • Augment Physiology – Augment units with the infantry or heavy infantry type reduce damage by 1 to a minimum of 1.
  • Phasic knife attacks increased to 3.
  • Augment major wounds increased to 4 and activation limit decreased to 2.
  • Augment specialist armor decreased to 3+ and shields increased to 4.
  • Suppression range decreased to 18″.
  • Augment gravskimmer wounds increased to 4.


  • Narrow beam slicer damage increased to 4.
  • Energy spear damage increased to 3.
  • Tri-phase plasma bursters range decreased to 18″ and damage increased to 2.
  • Plasma bursters range decreased to 18″, ROF decreased to 3 and damage increased to 2.
  • Mini-slicers ROF increased to 3.
  • Pulse array damage increased to 2.


  • Spike launchers have gained the armor piercing trait.
  • Flame spitter range reduced to 10″ and ROF increased to 6.
  • Flame artillery damage increased to 2.
  • Armored hexapod move increased to 10″.


  • Fractal disperser range decreased to 36″ and damage increased to 2.

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