Looking Like A Snack

OmniSol is the biggest corporation within the Realm. Among their many consumer goods are some of the most popular snack foods. These are produced throughout House Mannon space though most are made by licensed manufacturers outside of House Mannon space. This means that the same product will be somewhat particular to a world due to what is locally available.

Of course everyone knows SLAM! Body Drink and its three top selling flavors: Rageberry, Kiwi Loves You! and Diet, but only folks who travel far and wide would know that for instance the berry flavor is whatever berry is least expensively grown on its world of production. Or that since no one knows what a kiwi is anymore, the flavor is a catch all for a sweet and citrus combo. Diet is SLAM! without sugar or flavoring and is drank by those looking solely for the effects of the beverage rather than the taste.

Other snacks produced by OmniSol include:

NovaHOT! Shrimp Stars

These snackable stars are very spicy. Because shrimp is one of the first protein sources available to a fledgling colony almost every Golden World in the Realm has access to this protein in abundance and at a low cost. Combined with salt and a bright red hot powder these crunchy little fellows pack a big punch. Often there will be NovaHOT! alternatives on a world such as another abundant locally produced protein or starch such as potatoes or yams.

Lil’ Kelp Bites

Kelp is a staple of any colony. Because of this it is inexpensive and widely available and thus quite easy to bake and add salt to. Showing up in foil packs, these are one of the first snacks to show up to a colony which is producing consumer goods at scale. Occasionally a world may choose to make these from other locally sourced plants such as cactus though those are required to use the Lil’ Plant Bites label.

SO CHEEZY! Cheese Shapes™️

The SO CHEEZY! brand is known for its very fun and very snackable offerings most commonly in the shape of a sphere. But idiosyncrasies in manufacturing can sometimes have them made into squares, cubes, wafers or even occasionally a cylinder. Whatever the shape it is indicated on the product label (example: SO CHEEZY! Cheese Orbs) They are a bright orange color and while having a cheese flavor are not any discernible kind of cheese. They are also dairy free. House Mannon produced ones are the most sought after for the consistency and awesome crunchiness.

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