This is the home for rules and other aids in order to make your Outward Realms game experience as great as possible.

The Outward Realms public share is located here:

For Outward Realms:

  • Outward Realms Rules Pack (version 1.14, 10-Oct-2021)
  • Outward Realms Rulebook FAQ (version 1.04, 13-Sept-2021)
  • Outward Realms Starter Scenario (version 1.0, 07-Apr-2021)
  • Outward Realms Subfaction Rules (version 1.4, 25-Sept-2021)

For Outward Realms: A Call to Arms (OR: ACTA):

  • OR: ACTA Public Beta (version 0.23 18-Oct-2021)
  • OR: ACTA Realm Ship Cards (18-Oct-2021)
  • OR: ACTA Hexagota Ship Cards (18-Oct-2021)

Get the free OR: ACTA Tabletop Simulator Module here: