We provide the following free rules and game aids to help make your experience with Outward Realms as great as possible.

All of the documents listed below are hosted on our public drive which is located here:

For Outward Realms (OR):

  • OR Core Rulebook (version 1.20, 19-May-2022)
  • OR Rulebook FAQ (version 1.07, 06-April-2023)
  • OR Unit Cards (version 1.0 11-Nov-2021)
  • OR Core Token Set (for printing at home)
  • OR Starter Scenario (version 1.0, 07-Apr-2021)
  • OR Narrative Battlefield Rules (version 1.0 26-Jan-2022)
  • OR Token Guide & OR Card Glossary

Get the community built OR Tabletop Simulator resources here:

For Outward Realms: A Call to Arms (OR: ACTA):

  • OR: ACTA Rules Pack [BETA] (version 0.24 08-Nov-2021)
  • OR: ACTA Rules FAQ (version 1.0 08-Nov-2021)
  • OR: ACTA Realm Ship Cards (08-Nov-2021)
  • OR: ACTA Hexagota Ship Cards (08-Nov-2021)

Get the official OR: ACTA Tabletop Simulator module here: