Outward Realms was created by Michael Timpe with the help of a few dozen people without whom it would have never been possible. Huge thanks to all of you. It all began as a novel written by Michael which evolved over the years into the game you see today. A tabletop miniatures game designed by someone with a passion for lore, models and gameplay. I am humbled and proud that I get to share this with all of you and without you this could never be.

Hammerhead Games was founded by Tony Myers starting with laser cut gaming accessories and growing that business into distribution and most recently the opening of a retail store in Sacramento, California. The Hammerhead Games label is proud to launch Outward Realms as its first game and Tony is an indispensable friend and partner to the team.

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Our Credo

We strive to be transparent and honest with those who choose to grant us their time and money. We want to make a game that can grow and improve, and to do that we need the best possible relationship with our players. We will set a standard of open communication and transparency in order to lead by example. Our reputation and your trust is of paramount importance to us, and that should show through in everything we do.

We intend to reach our goals. However if 2020 taught us anything it’s that the unexpected can and will happen. However we will not go dark or remain silent. We will issue regular updates to our website here so that our players can see what is happening and know that we are staying the course and what we are doing to meet our commitments.

We can be reached on Discord or Facebook using the icons in the site banner.

Our Plan

As of 22-Dec-2021

Here is our current planning and timetable of what we intend to do for Arc One of Outward Realms.

May 2021 – Kickstarter launch of Outward Realms. [COMPLETE]

Q2 2022 – Outward Realms Kickstarter complete. [IN PROGRESS, RULEBOOK DELAYED]

Q3 2022 – Kickstarter Launch of Outward Realms: A Call to Arms

Q3 2022 – OR: Shadow War launched

To Be Announced – OR: Falling Stars launched.

Our plan has not changed, we have just updated the timetable. We are still planning two expansions for Outward Realms and the launch of Outward Realms: A Call to Arms. This should let folks know what to expect and when to expect it.