Announcing Outward Realms: A Call to Arms

Do you want epic space combat? Of course you do and so we are very excited to announce that the public beta of Outward Realms: A Call to Arms is available now! We are calling on all our Admirals to assemble their fleets and come to our aid in making sure that OR: ACTA is the best possible game it can be before our Kickstarter planned for Q3 2022.

This release launches with the Realm versus the Hexagota. Will you command the mighty augmented forces of the Realm? Or will you succumb to the will of the swarm and take charge of the Hexagota? More fleets are on approach and as soon as they are in sensor range, we will let you know. Ready to assume command?

Get the rules pack and ship cards for the first two fleets here:
OR: ACTA Rules Pack & Ship Cards

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