Battle at Konev

You may have already watched the narrative battle reports created by MiniWarGaming. If you want an opportunity to recreate that epic battle once you have your models then this article is for you.

The colony planet of Konev is located on the border of House Sidana territory. A verdant world distinguished by its unusually dense forests and prolific plant life. This is the newest acquisition by House Sidana in order to shore up its hold on the border with House Mannon. It is still in the early phases of development, with the seedship crew still preparing for the influx of future colonists on the verge of being born in the coming months. There is a single settlement near the equator called New Odessa which has been growing steadily since the first Realm transports landed, bringing a near constant stream of personnel and supplies to the growing settlement.

However this world is already claimed. The Batra of Clan Du’Chan have been here for over two hundred years. When the Batra first arrived they were beset by ancient Niphal remnants which had cleansed this world of some distant alien civilization. However between the ravages of time and the lack of a Mind’s guidance, the Niphal on the world were defeated in just a few months of heavy fighting. Once the world was rendered safe they proceeded to occupy a band of territory near the equator, as it was suited for Batra reproduction.

With a string of cloaked outposts along the equator serving mainly as breeding creches, they have performed surveillance of the interlopers and determined that they have permeant designs on this world. After deliberation it has been decided that the danger of exposure is too high. No risk to their breeding cycles is tolerable and so they are set now to act. While the human colony is still in its infancy they intend to strike and land a killing blow both to send a message to House Sidana that this world is not theirs as well as remove any risk to their clutchlings.

For the Realm the goal is holding back the sudden attack by the Batra long enough to evacuate the colonists to orbit and escape. Once departed they will be able to rally House forces to return to this world prepared for a serious engagement.

For the Batra the goal is the swift destruction of the colony before the clutches hatch and to buy as much time before more Realm forces arrive so that they can summon enough Batra forces for a serious defense.

Mission 1, Deployment 3 (Batra is Attacker)

Realm patrols have encountered strange readings on the outskirts of New Odessa. Attempting to trace the source of them they have spread out and are performing a grid search of their surroundings. Unbeknownst to them Batra forces lie in ambush hoping to catch the scattered Realm forces by surprise.

  • A Realm victory here will give the Realm a chance to warn their forces at New Odessa.
  • A Batra victory here will make the surprise assault on New Odessa possible.

Mission 2, Deployment 2 (Attacker Determined by Mission 1)

Regardless of who is the attacker this is an attempt by Batra forces to penetrate the defenses of New Odessa in order to allow their forces to reach the the spaceport and prevent any colonists from leaving. Meanwhile Realm forces are working to defend the colony evacuation as well as slow the Batra down as much as possible.

If the Realm is the attacker they managed to rouse a hasty offensive push into the Batra forces taking back some of the initiative and showing how the battle to take this world from the House Sidana will not be a simple one.

If the Realm is defender they managed to collect what defenders they could to hold the line against the sudden alien threat appearing from seemingly nowhere.

  • A Realm victory here will mean they have a chance to fall back and defend the spaceport.
  • A Batra victory here will allow them to surround the spaceport ahead of the Realm forces.

Mission 3, Deployment 1 (Attacker Determined by Mission 2)

The spaceport, still under construction, sits with transports fueled and waiting to launch. This is the only way off world and if access to the spaceport is impossible the colonists will be left at the mercy of the predatory Batra threat. If they can manage to escape then there is still hope for Konev once House Sidana forces can be marshalled to defend its newest colony.

If the Realm is attacker it means they are trying to punch through the Batra blockade of the spaceport. A success means that the colonists will escape the Batra threat.

If the Realm is the defender it means that they are defending the spaceport from a desperate push by Batra forces in order to prevent any ships to ensure the safety of their outposts.

  • A Realm victory here means the colonists have successfully escaped Konev and will surely return in force.
  • A Batra victory here has protected the secrecy of the outposts and will give Batra the time they need to summon their own forces to defend their world.

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