Faction Technology Part II

In continuation of the series from Part I, we have learned about the Realm and the Batra. Now let’s look at the other two factions in Outward Realms.

The Hexagota

Regeneration: A technology in the sense that it represents centuries of careful genetic alteration and refinement by the Queens, this ability is a defining trait of the Hexagota race. This ability allows the Hexagota to repair damage at speeds that seem impossible. Bone and flesh torn apart, knits itself back together in seconds. Destroyed nerves and tendons regrow and are restored. Between this and their ability to simply reattach lost limbs, taking one of these creatures out of the fight is a difficult proposition indeed.

Realm scientists have been studying what few captured specimens have been made available, in order to hunt for this ability’s limits and any potential weaknesses. While important work, this does little to comfort the colony worlds and outposts currently beset by the swarm fleets. All they can do for the moment is either choose to defend, or evacuate when they come under siege. If they choose to stay and protect their homes, they get to learn first hand as they watch creatures which should be dead many times over continue to advance on their position. Relentless and implacable.

Metabolic Overdrive: This ability appears to be based around a highly developed adrenal system. Hexagota are able to generate and store powerful chemicals, releasing them when needed for bursts of speed and ferocity. If this has some sort of cost to the creatures, what that cost is has not been discerned thus far. What is known for sure is that they are able to close in to engage in melee combat far faster than expected. While the Realm have had to constantly update their threat models, the Batra have done little to adapt. They are already well equipped for close quarters engagement.

The Niphal

Entropic Fields: All Niphal seem to be able to generate a strange power field. These fields rob energy from incoming projectile and energy fire. How they work is not known, but the Realm has been very interested in learning what they can about it. Unfortunately all inert or destroyed Niphal have yielded little information for research. Once unpowered, their internal systems appear to dissolve into a morass of common elements such as silicon. Whether this is intentional design, or a side effect of the technologies being used is also unknown. The few scans and pieces of footage where a Niphal’s internal systems are both powered and exposed are being studied carefully by the Realm’s leading xenotechs.

Adaptation Algorithms: When a Niphal Mind is controlling a node, it appears it is able to lend it access to a vast repository of its experiences and data. Extrapolating from this information, this allows a node to use their nanotechnology to make beneficial changes to themselves for the encounter. Everything from emitters and fields to obscure themselves from detection. To improvements to their sensors in order to improve their offense. Even reinforcing their armor plating to be highly effective against a few particular types of attack. Realm reconnaissance teams have reported that after a battle these changes revert, if enough time passes without further enemy contact. Though why this is the case is unknown.

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