Hammerhead Games Announces Street Sharks Board Game

Given the strength and popularity of the hit television cartoon “Street Sharks” it is no surprise that Hammerhead Games would want to take advantage of this barely accessed market share.

When interviewed, Tony who founded Hammerhead Games, was quoted as saying:

“I’m a shark, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo.”

He was then called away because a team member was confused as to who had ordered a complete set of new in box Exosquad figures.

We are also able to reveal that their team was only able to afford licensing of a single Street Shark. Sadly the new game will not be able to feature Ripster, Streex, or Big Slammu. All funds were allocated towards licensing Jab. When asked about this potentially controversial decision, lead designer Michael was quoted as saying

“Well, Jab is the obvious choice.”

He then offered me a pack of Gushers fruit candies but sadly my ethics as well as the expiration date prevented me from partaking.

While rumors abound, from what I was able to discern it is most likely to be a euro-style worker placement game. Further questions or speculations were cut short as both Michael and Tony were needed by other team members to assist in scouring eBay for original cans of Surge. When asked what they would do with it, Tony smiled and cryptically replied


It is this reporter’s thinking that they are likely going to drink some totally rank 30-year old soda. Let’s hope they make it through their 90’s nostalgia run safe and sound, so we all get to sink our teeth into this jawesome new game.