Summarized Timeline

2058 – First AI’s reveal themselves to humanity.
2065 – Earth’s ecological collapse accelerating beyond projections.
2076 – Prototype blink drive powers a probe to Proxima Centauri.
2121 – Several interplanetary colonies celebrate first generations.
2135 – Seedship prototypes completed and delivered to clients.
2147 – Golden Rush begins in earnest.
2151 – First Niphal encountered at colony world Borlaug.
2153 – First Unification fleet activity reported on galactic rim.
2162 – AI’s declare statehood entity called The Collective and depart the solar system.
2268 – Unification war officially declared, fighting in multiple regions reported.
2289 – Unification war over and The Realm is founded.
2290 – First Sovereign assassinated, Palatium bombarded. Newly founded Houses attempt defense.
2316 – The Proto Coup is officially ended. Palatium retaken and an official year of mourning begins.
2317 – The first race concludes and a new Sovereign takes power.
2320 – Disastrous first contact with the Batra occurs at Feynman Station.
2355 – Second Sovereign dead for one year. After a second race the new Sovereign takes power.
2378 – Unbound pirates complete overhaul of Tortuga Station deep inside Unbound territory.
2401 – Third Sovereign dead for one year. After a third race the new Sovereign takes power.
2420 – Earth loses Golden World designation on official New Cartographer charts.
2447 – Xenoarcheologists report scattered findings of an alien race which predates the formation of most planets.
2448 – Last of the third generation seedships decommissioned and replaced with 4th generation design.
2463 – Fourth Sovereign dead for one year. After a forth race the new Sovereign takes power.
2482 – New Cartographer’s vessel Magellan declared officially lost with all hands.
2489 – The Realm celebrates two hundred years of governance.
2510 – Fifth Sovereign dead for one year. After a fifth race the new Sovereign takes power.
2513 – The Beggars attack several Unbound strongholds on galactic rim to help decrease rising piracy.
2525 – The Realm colonizes its thousandth Golden World named Camus by House Barrington.
2574 – Realm intelligence organization the Omega Group reports unusual decrease in overall Unbound pirate activity.
2580 – Sixth Sovereign dead for one year. After a sixth race the new Sovereign takes power.
2589 – The Beggars complete multi-decade investigation of several Houses. Use of Armageddon class weapons recorded.
2612 – Four dozen worlds report sudden attacks by new alien threat. Hexagota surprise attacks are massively effective.
2618 – Surge in volunteers bolsters Augment ranks. Almost all Houses engaged in sustained multi-front conflict.
2638 – House Sidana on verge of civil war.
2640 – Current year.

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