Death from Above

The Niphal are masters of air superiority. In the initial invasion of a world, their flying forces descend well ahead of the ground invasion to neutralize critical defenses and other key targets. For days these Niphal terrors rain down firepower on entrenched defenders and cowering survivors. The first of these airborne menaces is the Destructor.

Niphal Destructor

In the game the Niphal Destructor is armed with a pair of heavy tachyon blasters. These weapons have 4 shots each at 2 damage per shot. To make sure that firepower finds its mark the Destructor has a special rule called Unerring Accuracy. This rule means that the Destructor will always hit on a D6 roll of a 3 or higher regardless of any modifiers. Enemy units which think themselves more safe while in Cover or which rely upon an inherent -1 to be hit will find those defenses of no use versus the Destructor’s precision marksmanship.

But if you prefer your weapons with a bit more of a bite against armor then look no further than the Niphal Obliterator.

Niphal Obliterator

Like its counterpart the Destructor this unit has the Recon trait. When either one of these Niphal units is included in your Battle Force they unlock the recon additional objectives. Offensively the Destructor is armed with a pair of death rays. These armor piercing weapons each have 2 shots at 2 damage per hit. But aside from its firepower, it has another way of inflicting damage on its enemies.

The Obliterator has a special action called Strafing Run. This ability allows this unit to move over enemy units and assign wounds to enemy units it passes over. If an enemy unit is on the brink of destruction and you don’t want to risk your dice rolls failing you. Or if you just want to do a bit more damage and save your shooting action for another target. In either case the Destructor has you covered. Whether it’s never missing a shot or raining down wounds from above, both of these Niphal units are ready to help a Niphal Commander dominate the skies.

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