World’s End

Niphal Cleanser

Niphal Cleansers are designed to fly over the battlefield. They seek out targets to destroy, and act as the Niphal Commander’s eyes in the sky. In the game, they are armed with a tachyon blaster. This projectile weapon fires bursts of energy at a high rate of fire. But they can serve another purpose aside from damaging their target. This same weapon can also emit blinding pulses of electromagnetic energy. This unit has a special action called Tachyon Flash. It inflicts the Blinded ailment on enemy units which inflict a -1 modifier to their attack rolls.

Like the Niphal Sterilizer, this unit has the occupation trait which means that if a node of Niphal Cleansers is included in your Battle Force you unlock access to the occupation additional objectives. With the Fly trait, these nodes are able to get where they are needed, contesting and holding objectives with ease. While they lack a close combat weapon and cannot attack in melee, they do have a counterpart for that important role.

Niphal Sterilizer

The Niphal Sterilizer is the primary melee node for the Niphal forces. These skittering machines race across the battlefield, seeking out sentient life and slicing it apart with their bladed limbs. These merciless nodes use a variety of sensors in order to locate any life which may be attempting to hide deep within a structure or below the ground. More than once a group of aliens has survived the initial strafing runs of a Niphal invasion, only to find their bunker walls being torn apart by these tireless terrors.

In the game they are equipped with a close combat weapon called monofilament blades. These degrade the effectiveness of armor, reflected by the special rule called Armor Shredding. Enemy units incur a -1 penalty to their armor rolls as they attempt to resist the damage caused by these monofilament blades. Like all Niphal the more damage they survive, the more they adapt to resist further attempts to destroy them. Together these two nodes form the core of the Niphal forces, and with them at your command you will soon be able to achieve your enigmatic aims.

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