Hexagota Special Rules

The Hexagota faction is defined by its durability and ferocity in melee. This is well represented by its two special rules and two special actions. The first two concern the legendary Hexagota durability and we will cover those first.

The Hexagota race are a highly evolved insectoid race. Whatever minor regenerative abilities the species originally possessed long ago has been refined and honed into a potent weapon. This was the product of constant genetic manipulation by the Queens over the course of countless generations. In game terms it means the Hexagota faction has a special rule called Regeneration. For every point of damage a Hexagota model is assigned, it gets to roll a D6 and on a 5 or 6 the damage is ignored. If the model has the construct type then it ignores damage on a 4, 5 or 6!

This ties in well with their Heal special action as well. When activating a Hexagota unit which has any wounds missing, they may take a free action and heal 1 wound per model. Due to the way damage allocation works in Outward Realms it is possible to have many models in a unit which have taken one or more wounds. This means big gains for a Hexagota unit which, if not wholly destroyed when attacked, can heal multiple wounded models. If a Hexagota is wounded, its biological systems will never stop attempting to make it whole until the entire organism is dead. This means that your opponent has a strong incentive to either focus on a unit until it is destroyed, or time their attacks to take advantage of a unit which can no longer activate.

The last special rule of the faction is called Swarm Mentality. For every brood of Hexagota Warriors or Winged Warriors that you include in your Battle Force, you must include a brood of Hexagota Workers as well. This is because when psychic commands are issued by the Queenling, there is little consideration for individually targeting the recipients. Instead a psychic command will hit an area of broods rather than picking out individuals in a brood. The brood intended for the order will respond but so will any workers which were nearby. Workers have no will to resist and even the slightest psychic push will lure them towards the new priority.

The last special action is all about melee might and it is called Metabolic Overdrive. Every non-Character Hexagota unit may perform an Engage action at double their Movement characteristic. This long charge threatens a big zone and your opponent will need to take care to either stay out of Overdrive range or plan to be engaged by a brood of angry bugs. Every Hexagota has the ability to drive itself into a near frenzy, covering tremendous distances, in order to reach close combat where they most often do their best work.

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