Big Bugs

Hexagota Flame Hexapod

The Hexagota Flame Hexapod is a beast in every sense of the word. This living tank is covered in thick, chitin plates and is the primary siege weapon of the Hexagota. On their homeworld, prior to the crash of the Realm ship, the Queens were engaged in constant warfare with each other. Warriors would surge out to assault the walls of an enemy hive. Winged Warriors would take to the sky, raining stingers upon their enemy and the Flame Hexapod was the living artillery. They are able to store and launch a burning liquid which sticks to what it hits. In game terms being hit by their weapon applies the Burning ailment which for you is pretty hot. It is still hot for your opponent as well. Just not in any way that they want.

With great control over its flame spitter projectile weapon, it can choose to shoot it in one of two modes. The first is the spray mode. A devastating short range attack which hits enemy units automatically. The other mode is an artillery barrage. Arcing the spitter upward, it launches flaming balls of burning liquid which arc into the sky. Where they land, they splash and cover an area in sticky flames. The perfect weapon for those hard to reach places since weapons with the Artillery trait bypass the Line of Sight check for taking a Shoot action.

Aside for covering your opponent’s units with fire, this Hexapod brings some serious close combat punch. In melee its bone spikes hit for 2 damage with the armor piercing trait. This makes sense when you consider that this multi-ton monster is putting it’s full weight behind every blow. So even if your opponent thinks it wise to engage this creature to silence it’s projectile weapon they had better be prepared to survive what it can do back to them in close combat. But what if I were to tell you that the Queens had made something even tougher and more armored?

Hexagota Armored Hexapod

The Hexagota Armored Hexapod is a wall of chitin armor with legs. Designed to take tremendous punishment, even by Hexagota standards, these beasts are generally the first thing an opposing force sees. They are designed to attract fire and they do so quite well. The trouble for your opponent is they take that fire a little too well. With a 2+ armor save, any weapon without the armor piercing trait is likely to bounce harmlessly off their durable plating. But they are more than just a living wall. When they invariably do reach the enemy forces they will get to show off their other talent.

Armed with a pair of bone rams, the Hexagota Armored Hexapod can dish out some real hurt in close combat. Each bone ram does 3 damage per hit. But it gets worse. If this monster can get up to speed, in game terms after completing an Engage action, than its bone rams gain the armor piercing trait. That means with all that weight and force behind those blows, even the thickest armor isn’t likely to save your target from the sheer force of attacks. Combined with the regeneration unique to all Hexagota, the Hexapods are a deadly pair of big bugs who are ready to bring the pain!

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