Come Out and Play

Hexagota Warriors and Winged Warriors are the martial core of every swarm. No Queenling would be without at least a couple of broods to call upon. First up for a closer look is the Hexagota Warrior.

Hexagota Warrior

These creatures are not designed for labor. They do not spend their days creating new hive tunnels or fortifying walls. No Hexagota pupae are tended to by these savage creatures. They are bred only for combat. Bigger than an augment soldier and coated in a thick armored carapace, they are capable of brushing off attacks which would stun or kill a lesser creature. In addition to their armored defense they are skilled in close combat. Each of their bladed arms is capable of parrying and deflecting incoming melee strikes. As such they have a special rule called Born to Fight which confers a -1 to hit them with close combat weapons.

But look closer at those fearsome forward limbs and you can see the spike launchers incorporated into them. These specialized organs launch chitin spikes at their target and can do 2 damage per hit should their target’s defenses fail them. For its own close combat weapon you need not look further than its maw. Those mandibles are strong and sharp, and a warrior can perform multiple attacks much more quickly than its size would belay. In fact, nothing about Hexagota Warriors is sluggish or weak and their enemies have quickly learned to prioritize the destruction of these creatures at all costs.

Hexagota Winged Warrior

But wars are not always fought on the ground and all modern warfare needs air based assets. To fill this role the Queens evolved the Hexagota Winged Warrior. These flying beasts take to the skies, raining down shots with the stinger hives on their abdomen. Filled with short lived creatures called stingers, this living ammunition attempts to seek out targets to drive their chitin stingers into. To aid in this endeavor this unit also has a special action called Wing Stabilizers. Able to hover in place this creates a stable firing platform for the stingers to launch from. In the game this allows the re-roll of missed attack rolls with the stinger hive weapon.

However all Hexagota are bred to fight up close and the Winged Warriors are no exception. With a pair of powerful bone spikes, they can swoop down and attempt to pierce their target. With this combination of speed and sharp chitin these attacks have the armor piercing trait. The last point to touch on is the Recon trait that this unit has. Taking a unit of Winged Warriors in your Battle Force will unlock the recon additional objectives. From the ground to the skies, if you need a strain of Hexagota to win the fight, the Queen has you covered.

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