Working It

Hexagota Worker

The humble Hexagota worker. This little bug does big work and is the lifeblood of the hive. Unless it is literal heavy lifting, the worker performs all the labor which is needed to keep life running smoothly. Barely aware, these creatures endlessly toil, stopping only for brief rest and feeding before returning to work. From the day they can first scuttle around to the day they break down and die. Without their countless chittering masses, every other Hexagota would slowly starve, the young would die and the walls would fall apart without their constant labors.

In the game, models in this unit count as two models for the purposes of contesting objectives thanks to their Reliable Special Rule. This means that your opponent must dedicate a large enough unit in order to out number them. Or they must spend the activations, burning through their many wounds, in order to be rid of them. With only a needle projector and maw attacks in melee, they are not going to wow you with their offensive output. But the old saying about quantity being a quality of its own? That sure rings true here.

There is a lot to like about the humble Hexagota Worker Brood. They are inexpensive points wise, coming in at only 3 points per brood. They take up some real estate on the battlefield since all units with the Skirmisher unit type are on 60mm bases. A well placed brood of them could prevent an enemy unit from being on an Objective Zone thus ensuring you hold it at the end of the round. Lastly they are a great unit to leave on an objective, freeing your more potent broods to go and do important work elsewhere.

With all this talk of mandatory units and building your swarm I am sure you are wondering: what does a Hexagota Battle Force Box look like? Well here is a list of the contents.

  • A Hexagota Queenling
  • Three Worker Broods of three Hexagota Worker Swarms
  • A Warrior Brood of six Hexagota Warriors
  • A Winged Warrior Brood of six Hexagota Winged Warriors
  • A Hexagota Flame Hexapod
  • A Hexagota Armored Hexapod

This 34 point Battle Force is a chittering horde containing all three traits, giving you access to all three of the additional objective types. It is a well balanced swarm containing fearsome melee elements, objective holders and durable living tanks in the form of the Hexapods. Everything a promising Hexagota Commander would need in order to carry out the Queen’s will. We hope you will choose* to serve the swarm!

*Free will not included.

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