Realm Special Rules

The Realm has two special rules and a special action unique to the faction which are meant to represent their technology and training. The first rule is called Battle Hardened. During the game you may find a unit impacted by an effect called an ailment. Ailments are always negative and will hinder or harm your unit in some way. Fortunately there is a way to remove them with the cleanse action. This is a general action which every unit in the game has access to. But it does have a cost of 2 action points which can be steep for some units to pay. However Realm units can take the cleanse action paying only 1 action point due to the Battle Hardened special rule. Thanks to their superior discipline and training, Realm units are better able to shake off ill effects to get back to the fight.

The next rule is called Battle Drill. This allows all Realm units to re-roll dice rolls of 1 when performing shooting actions. This powerful ability represents the marksmanship of the augment soldiers operating their weapons with the assistance of their cybernetic tactical modules. Within every Realm citizen is a splinter AI referred to as a Companion. Normally a Companion would never aid its host in the harm of any sentient being. However in augments these restrictions have been overridden, allowing them to take advantage of their Companion in order to improve their combat performance.

The last rule is called Shields. These energy fields are the heart of Realm durability. Everything from a suit of augment power armor to an augment battle tank has shield capacitors. These retain a charge to power their shield emitters which are capable of stopping energy or projectiles from reaching their target. Though they do need time to recharge. In game terms, this means that shields absorb points of damage and over time can come back as the capacitors recharge. Every Realm unit regains a missing shield when activated at no cost in action points. But if you really need a boost the recharge action is available, which spends 1 action point to regain an additional missing shield once per activation.

We hope that you are inspired by the stalwart forces of humanity and will choose to volunteer to serve the Realm in May.

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