Heavy Metal

Augment Exosuit

The augment exosuit is a blend of mobility and durability used in situations where an augment solider wouldn’t be appropriate. Able to fly over terrain and obstacles they can quickly get into position where they are needed most. With weapons designed to threaten tough armored units as well as artillery to bombard enemies who they can’t get in their sights, they have the tools to be useful in many roles. But just because they brought some serious firepower doesn’t mean they don’t pack a wallop. Their powered exofists are capable of crushing or tearing through solid metal if need be. It is a rare exosuit pilot indeed who doesn’t relish getting up in their enemies face to do some close up work.

In the game the augment exosuit is armed with a heavy magrifle and a rocket pod. The former brings long range with armor piercing while the latter lays down a barrage of artillery which ignores line of sight. They have the occupation trait which unlocks the occupation additional objectives. Oh and if the description above didn’t make it clear, you better believe that it’s exofist is armor piercing as well.

But the article said heavy metal. So lets look at the heaviest of metal; the Augment Battle Tank.

Augment Battle Tank

This armored beast serves two important roles in a Realm force. The first is that it is a transport, helping to deploy augment soldiers and specialists to the battlefield safely. In orbit, squads embark into a battle tank, which is then loaded onto a drop frame. Drop frames are launched into orbit to fall upon their targets. Once landed, the tank’s gravity plating takes over allowing it to fly where it is needed without being hindered by terrain. But the other role is the same of any tank: guns, lots of guns.

In game terms the augment battle tank packs a real wallop. Armed with a heavy magrail cannon, this is the highest damage projectile weapon in the entire game. Each shot is 6 damage with armor piercing. No enemy vehicle wants any part of that. It is also armed with a pair of heavy gatling magcannons and a heavy rocket pod, both of which serve to keep enemy infantry fearful of what this tank brings to the battlefield. Lastly it has the annihilation trait, befitting to something designed to bring this much firepower, so including one in your battle force unlocks the annihilation additional objectives.

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