The Need for Speed

Augment Gravskimmer

The augment gravskimmer is a high speed recon unit designed to cover a lot of ground, very quickly. Deployed via drop frame with the rest of their forces, they often are on the move before the frame even hits the ground. Realm commanders use these squads to call out targets, protect their flanks and harass the enemy with their speed and firepower. It is hardly uncommon for a squad of augment soldiers to be pinned down, only to find their enemies’ attention drawn instead to the squad of gravskimmers. Appearing from behind them and seemingly from nowhere.

In the game they are always at a -1 to be hit by shooting attacks and they can lay down a hail of armor piercing magrifle shots. Naturally, they have the recon trait which unlocks the recon additional objectives. Last but not least, they are still piloted by an augment soldier which means they still carry a phasic knife. A completely viable tactic could be to charge headlong into an enemy, tying them up in melee, to ensure they are busy dealing with the gravskimmers instead of what they would rather be doing.

But we are in a hurry ourselves to reveal what is in the Realm Battle Force!

Every House commands numerous battalions of augment soldiers, accompanied by their armored suits and vehicles. In Outward Realms you can command a Realm Battle Force, which represents a response force typical of House Sidana’s military. A Realm Battle Force box will contain:

  • A Realm Augment Major
  • Two squads of three Realm Augment Specialists
  • A squad of five Realm Augment Soldiers
  • A squad of three Realm Augment Exosuits
  • A Realm Heavy Augment Exosuit
  • A Realm Augment Battle Tank

This is a 34 point battle force in the game, granting you access to two out of three of the additional objective types. On the table, it is a great combination of firepower and durability in addition to high mobility units. Perfect for grabbing a distant objective or assisting to meet the requirements to score full points on an additional objective.

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