By Your Command

Augment Major

The augment major is the first Commander model for the Realm faction. In the lore these experienced leaders guide their soldiers to victory on the battlefield. Generally with two or three tours of experience, these warriors are usually noticed early on by their higher ups. Chosen for their foresight and adaptability, these candidates are generally given early squad commands and watched intently. To learn their leadership style and make sure that they are a good fit for more important command. It is hardly a failure not to be chosen for the officer track. Many excellent soldiers stay as squad leaders for their entire careers, preferring close knit camaraderie over the demands of higher rank.

The chosen few who are promoted into the officer corps have to work harder and longer than their counterparts. In addition to expertise on the battlefield, they are expected to be educated in battlefield analysis, combined arms tactics, and logistics planning. In addition, important disciplines such as xenopsychology and xenolinguistics are encouraged. All the better to try and think like their enemies. No matter how strange their minds may be. Major is the last field rank available to an augment. Any who continue to serve after this will be doing do so from command centers rather than surrounded by the fire and fury of a battlefield.

In the game the augment major is armed with a magrifle, a powerful 2 shot, armor piercing weapon for the precise application of damage at a distance, as well as a phasic knife. But more importantly, augment units nearby benefit from their command expertise and operate more efficiently. This is reflected in game terms by increasing the action points of nearby friendly units.

Augment Specialist

The augment specialist is an augment soldier which has shown tremendous proficiency with their gatling magcannon. Selected by their commanders, these talented individuals are used in small squads in order to lay down an astounding amount of anti-infantry fire. Often the spearhead of an assault, these individuals eschew take and hold tactics, instead opting for a more violent and direct approach. The sustained application of large amounts of firepower.

Specialists are entrusted to wear heavy augment armor which confers greater armored protection and powered servos to help increase stability. This is useful to have while wielding a heavy weapon. In game terms the unit has the annihilation trait conferring access to the annihilation additional objectives. The heavy gatling magcannon, with its longer barrels and double the amount of them lays down six shots and at 24″ of range. This fearsome fusillade is just the thing to help keep the enemy at a distance. Exactly where you want them.

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