Niphal Core 3D Model License


All models are supplied unassembled and unpainted.


3D File Purchase FAQ

What is a 3D file?

This is a file which contains a 3D model capable of being printed on a 3D printer. It is recommended that these files be used with resin based (SLA) printers. While it possible that you could print them on a filament based (PLA) printer, it is likely that much of the detail would be lost.

What does this purchase get you?

By making this purchase you obtain a license to print these Outward Realms models for personal use. These files or the models they can allow you to create may not be packaged, sold, or redistributed to any other individual or entity. After you make this purchase, within three business days (usually less than one), a link will be sent to the email address provided which has read-only access to the share containing the files you bought the license for.

How do I get the rest of what I need to play the game?

The rulebook and other resources are freely available located here
If you would like a printed rulebook, it can be ordered here
If you would like resin cast models or cardboard tokens and other game aids you can find them here

How do I get support?

While there is no support or guarantee provided, we will do our best to answer any questions or address issues if posted on our Discord which is located here

Which files do I get with this license? 

This license gives you access to all Niphal models released with the OR Core release.