Hexagota Painting Guide

Ready to paint your swarm broods? Here is how we used to bring our Hexagota forces to life. Our studio uses paints and hobby supplies by The Army Painter.

Need some paint? You can find the colors we used in the Army Painter Mega Paint Set. If you use this link to purchase one for yourself it helps us out and we really appreciate it.

Army Painter Mega Paint Set

Harvesters of Bourlaug

This swarm earned its name when they overtook the Golden World of Bourlaug with terrifying speed. The survivors of that terrible conquest associated them with a fable from their world. In that tale there is a creature called the Harvester which is a avatar for death and destruction.


  • Basecoat with Army Green
  • Blend or Highlight with Snake Scales
  • Highlight with a 50/50 mix of Snake Scales and Matte White
  • Glaze or Highlight the back of the model with Snake Scales
  • Highlight the tips of the carapace with Angel Green


  • Basecoat with Monster Brown
  • Wash with Strong Tone
  • Highlight with a 50/50 mix of Monster Brown and Lava Orange


  • Basecoat with Matte Black
  • Highlight the eyes with Daemonic Yellow

The Crimson Queen

These strikingly colored broods have unnatural accuracy with their projectile weapons. Bone spikes and stingers rain upon their foes, causing mayhem and weakening them as the chitinous red swarms close in for the kill.


  • Basecoat with Dragon Red
  • Wash with Dark Tone
  • Layer with Pure Red
  • Highlight with Mars Red


  • Basecoat with Daemonic Yellow
  • Wash with Dark Tone
  • Layer with Moon Dust


  • Basecoat with Necromancer Grey
  • Wash with Dark Tone
  • Layer with Uniform Grey

The Obsidian Swarm

This mysterious swarm has been performing hit and run attacks all over the galaxy. Refusing to stay in once place for long, they have managed to stay ahead of their enemies, who continue to chase them down to exact vengeance upon them.


  • Basecoat with Matte Black
  • Layer with Necromancer Grey
  • Basecoat with Gloss Varnish


  • Basecoat with Angel Green
  • Layer with Jungle Green
  • Highlight with Snake Scales


  • Basecoat with Spaceship Exterior
  • Highlight with Matte White


  • Basecoat with Plate Mail Metal

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