Weapon Types Explained

Many of the weapon names in Outward Realms are self evident but some could use a bit more explanation as to what they are and how they operate. If you were curious what a slicer is or what makes a phasic knife special then this article is for you.

The Realm

Mag weapons – All mag weapons pull shaped pieces from a large block of ferrous material and fire them at high speed via magnetic propulsion. These ammo blocks are called base blocks. Most mag weapons are powered by an atomic battery or a fusion capacitor.

Phasic Knife – All phasic weapons are shaped from a piece of phasic alloy. This programmable metal can assume a variety of pre-programmed states if the appropriate secured command is issued. For augment soldiers the phasic knife can become a variety of useful tools should the need arise.

The Batra

Slicer weapons – All slicer weapons emit a powerful laser beam. These beams are more than capable of slicing through even thick armor plating with ease. They are always powered by fusion, usually a core but sometimes a capacitor or battery pack.

Energy weapons – All energy weapons are a lightweight Batra alloy encased in a plasma field. This highly condensed field allows a weapon to cut through the molecular bonds of solid matter with relative ease.

Pulse weapons – All pulse weapons fire spheres of unstable plasma energy which explode upon contacting solid matter or when their weak fields collapse after a short delay. The Batra prefer them for artillery or as to act as energy mines.

The Hexagota

Needle/Spike weapons – These weapons fire a piece of sharp chitin at high speed. Usually powered by muscle contraction and gas sacs, these projectiles can cause serious damage if they penetrate their target’s defenses.

Stinger Hive – The stinger hive is a collection of small Hexagota creatures with a short life span and a voracious aggressive streak. When a target is marked by ultrasonic pulse or pheromones, these creatures emerge from their birthing chambers and make their way to their unfortunate targets. They will then spend what seconds of life they have left biting and stabbing their target before dying.

The Niphal

Death ray – These eldritch weapons produce a ray of energy which seemingly dissolves normal matter it comes into contact with. There is no flash or burst of heat rather it simply melts into the energy wash and vanishes without a trace. While inorganic material simply evaporates, the damage it causes to organic material can only be described as catastrophic.

Fractal Disperser – A fractal disperser fires small, short-lived spheres of multi-dimensionality. Each sphere has slightly bent physics running amok within it. While some spheres evaporate harmlessly as they touch normal matter, others interact violently causing wildly unpredictable damage effects. The Niphal use these weapons as artillery, clearing out large sections of territory thanks to their high rate of fire.

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