Hexagota Lore Intro

The insectile hives of Hexagota emerged on an unnamed moon at the edge of Realm space. Beneath a frozen, smoggy sky the Queens waged war from the safety of their chambers cut deep below the ground. Having never developed mechanical technology and living underneath a thick methane fog, they avoided detection by the Niphal. Thus they waged their wars undisturbed for millennia. The Queens instead relied on their psychic abilities for communication, and developed specialized organic technology which they could shape and grow as needed.

A Hexagota hive is a teeming mass of alien life. Mainly comprised of workers, these nearly mindless creatures perform tasks and ensure daily life is possible. They tend to the growing of food, taking care of the young and maintaining the integrity of the hive structures. Only barely more aware than the workers are the massive hexapods which are the largest of the Hexagota, aside from the Queen. Strong and tireless, these living machines labor almost without rest. In times of war they act as biological tanks, taking tremendous punishment before finally falling to the enemy.

The warriors are the semi-aware skilled labor of a hive. Capable of a degree of conscious action, they are entrusted to perform tasks which are beyond the scope of workers and hexapods. They can even lead small swarms if necessary though they lack the ability to issue psychic commands. Warriors are the armored core of the swarm, while winged warriors take to the skies to perform reconnaissance and attack from above. Though lighter in mass than their armored counterparts they have flight and retain the potent regeneration unique to the Hexagota race.  

The last part of the Hexagota hive structure are the Queenlings. These are sentient extensions of the Queen’s will. Capable of leaving a hive and relaying psychic orders, they guide the swarm in executing the commands of the Queen. Queenlings are encouraged to go to battle and even duel others within their hive structure. This ensures that only the strongest survive. The other reason for this behavior is that if a Queenling lives long enough its strength can grow to a point where it can threaten a Queen. At this point they will often attempt to kill their Queen in order to take over the hive. If it succeeds, the Queenling assumes the role of the hive’s new Queen.

Everything changed for the Hexagota when a New Cartographers ship named the Magellan, crashed on their moon and the Queens were aghast to learn that they were not alone in the universe. They were introduced to mechanical technology and aliens in a single shocking event. After they were able to interrogate and reverse engineer the ship, they realized that they were a single moon in an enormous galaxy teeming with existential threats like the Realm, the Batra and the Niphal. For the first time the Queens called a truce and set out to a higher purpose to ensure the survival of their species.

With tremendous effort they were able to reverse engineer the blink drives, and with them they were able to create their first ships. They spent decades quietly preparing their fleets, and when the time was right each Queen sent them out to spread across the galaxy. Their mandate: expand and terraform every world they can to insure the the survival of their race. Spreading across the stars lessened their chances of extinction. Also, it served to draw attention away from their small frozen moon and the secret project of the Queens which is growing beneath miles of craggy stone and methane ice.

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