Batra Big Guns

Batra Venator Hull

The Batra protect their worlds like their race depends on it. Because it does. The Batra can only reproduce within a narrow range of environments, making any world they can propagate on of paramount importance. In the previous articles you have seen what the Batra infantry and skirmishers have to offer but now it is time to reveal the biggest weapons platform the Batra have access to: the Hull.

Currently in the game there are two Hull configurations. Starting with the Venator Hull, this configuration is all about loads and loads of firepower. Equipped with a pair of tri-phase plasma bursters these weapons lay down a stunning hail of shots and if their player plans well, are the only weapon in the game which can fire twice in an activation. In addition, they are equipped with a pulse array. These emitters fire arcing spheres of plasma energy, depending on covering an area rather than precision. As with all artillery they eschew the need for line of sight meaning they are a threat to anything in range. But what if your prey is heavily armored? Well the Batra have a configuration for that as well.

Batra Shikari Hull

The Shikari Hull is the Batra answer to hunting down enemy armor. Armed with a pair of repeating mini-slicers these potent weapons put out six shots at two damage each with armor piercing. As if that weren’t enough, the Shikari Hull’s special action is there to make sure enemy constructs never make it home. When taken it allows the Shikari Hull to re-roll all failed to hit rolls against units with the construct type. This means attack rolls succeed on rolls of 3 or higher, re-rolling failed to hit rolls. Now that is consistency!

Both of the Hull configurations have the annihilation trait and so unlock the annihilation additional objectives. But lest we forget; every hull is also a transport capable of carrying up to 4 infantry where needed, keeping them safe from the predations of their enemies. These flying menaces are sure to give your opponent pause and help give you the tools to insure you find success during your hunt and bring honor to your clan.

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