Gotta Go Fast

Batra Predation Pod

There are always thrill seekers and those who crave the rush of going as fast as possible. Among the Batra, these individuals are invariably attracted towards piloting a Predation Pod. Within the Batra combat forces, these serve a reconnaissance role with the ability to scout the entire battlefield and report in on the dynamic nature of an engagement. In the game the unit has the recon trait and so including a Predation clutch in your battle force grants you access to the recon additional objectives.

Holding the title as the fastest unit in the game, this swift skirmisher, if it so chose, could go from one end of the battlefield to the other in a single activation. But doing so would deprive you of its potent offensive capabilities. Armed with a mini-slicer, this multi-barreled slicer variant fires at twice the rate of a normal slicer. All while retaining the armor piercing ability of all slicer weapons. It is shorter range, but this shouldn’t pose an issue for a unit that can move as quickly as this one can.

Should the predation clutch become engaged, its pilots can enable their plasma field which coats the surface of their pod in painful and damaging energies. While not as focused as the plasma field which encases other Batra energy weapons, it still is a nasty threat to anyone who gets too close. As you might expect if you read the article about Realm Augment Gravskimmers, this unit has a special rule which grants them a -1 to be hit by projectile weapons. But we have talked about going fast. Let’s slow things down a bit and have a look at the game’s only unit with the support trait.

Batra Field Generator

These units serve an important role in the Batra combat hierarchy. Once an engagement is about to begin, a Batra Huntmaster will give the signal and these units are deployed by their forces. While lacking the ability to generate a cloaking field, and only able to hover rather than fly, at first glance it would seem that these devices would be counter to the Batra philosophy of the swift hunter. But in reality they serve as the anchor for the Batra combat forces. When battle begins they lend a boost to the power cores of friendly Batra heavy infantry who are nearby. This increases their armor’s ability to resist damage and helps the warriors to stay in the fight for as long as possible.

In addition to holding down an objective so that other Batra units can stay on the move, they have one additional trick as well. Should the enemy close in on them the Field Generator can overload its power core, hurting nearby enemies and ensuring that no Batra technology falls into enemy hands. These units cover a lot of bases for any Batra Huntmaster who is looking to enhance the durability of their forces as well as make sure they have expendable static assets on hand in order to bring home a win.

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