A Few Good Frog Men

All Batra infantry wear a combat suit which serves two purposes. Beneath the plating is the environment suit worn by all Batra. As an amphibious race the Batra have a narrow range of environmental conditions which they find comfortable. The suit regulates the humidity, moisture and temperature of their skin allowing them to operate in relative comfort. It is made of a flexible layer of materials which protects their soft skin from harm and performs with an inch of material what takes an entire plate of phasic alloy to accomplish.

The other purpose of the suit is the cloak generator. These devices allow Batra to cloak and decloak giving them a superior defense against ranged attack on the battlefield. However, they are bulky and much of the armor’s mass is comprised of the complex field emitters and optical projectors needed in order to generate a cloaking field. All of this also takes power as well and so every Batra combat suit is equipped with a power core which serves to provide energy to its weapons and cloak generator. But that’s just the outside and as we all know, it is what is inside that counts.

Batra Hunter

Younger and more inexperienced Batra start out as Hunters. Still hot-blooded and impetuous these clanmates are under the direct tutelage of a Huntmaster. Often first to the fray, they tend to look before they leap which also happens to be their special action in the game. They are able to perform a free move action if it is the first action they do. No goading is required to make them want to close with their prey. These vigorous combatants may be barely more than a clutchling in the eyes of their more experienced clanmates, but to underestimate them would be a dire misstep.

Armed with a pair of energy talons which they use to pierce and slice, what they may lack in damage they more than make up for in sheer weight of attacks. For ranged output they are equipped with a plasma burster. This weapon packs a high rate of fire, filling the air with streams of plasma spheres which are more than sufficient to keep any prey rightfully afraid. Like Stalkers they have the occupation trait, unlocking access to the occupation additional objectives. Speaking of Stalkers…

Batra Stalker

The more experienced and measured of the clan’s warriors, these make up the bulk of the Batra combat force. Often with a century or more of combat experience these fearsome frogs are armed with high damage weapons that are as precise as they are devastating. Energy fists are just what they sound like. When you get punched by a Stalker you are going to feel it. They have the same characteristics as the molecular slicer they are also armed with. A potent projectile weapon capable of ending a foe in a single shot. All the weapons a Stalker has are armor piercing and do 3 damage. That is offensive output which is scary to any opposing unit in the game.

The Stalker’s special action is concerned with verticality. With the ability to jump into the air, they can move as if they had the fly keyword, representing taking to the skies on powerful legs. More than once has an enemy thought itself safe at the top of a tall piece of terrain, only to be suddenly engaged by a clutch of Batra Stalkers. Though they are unlikely to have much time to remain surprised when in close combat with these skilled warriors.

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