On the Hunt

Batra Huntmaster

The Batra Huntmaster is the Commander unit for the Batra Faction. These centuries old masters lead their clanmates on the hunt, providing their forces with leadership and experience. Even the most hot-blooded and impatient clutchling warrior knows to listen to the wisdom of their elders. Having participated in countless hunts, they know their prey on an instinctual level. Often a Huntmaster knows before the prey does what it is going to do before it does. The prey will make what it believes to be an unpredictable choice. Only to be surrounded by decloaking Batra waiting for them.

Outside of battle, a Huntmaster provides council and mentorship to the clan. A member of the Elder Council, much of their time is spent in debate and careful thought about decisions which will impact their entire clan. The Elders also are responsible for teaching their younger clanmates the songs of their clan, ensuring that the clan’s great deeds will always be sung beneath a night sky. Perhaps the most important role of a Huntmaster is that of clutch-parent. Taking on responsibility as one of the parents of a clutch, they are entrusted to temper and shape the lives of what will be thousands of Batra young over their long lives.

In the game the Huntmaster is an example of what all Batra warriors strive to be, a balance of aggression and patience and a fierce martial combatant. Armed with a narrow beam slicer, this powerful projectile weapon can emit a beam across an entire battlefield. The beam pierces armor and in a single hit can cause grievous harm. Its close combat weapon is the energy spear. Like all Batra melee implements, it is encased in a plasma power field which allows it to cut through any material with ease. It is an elegant weapon, requiring the skill and patience of decades to master.

The last ability of the Huntmaster is its Aggressive Leap special rule. Friendly Batra heavy infantry may perform a free move action if it is the first action they take. The Huntmaster sings battle songs which softens the self control of the warriors who hear it. The aggressive fire in their bellies grows. Predatory tendencies surge forth and they become enraptured with the rush of chasing down prey. The thrill of closing in for the kill.

Inspired to lead a hunt of your own? A Batra Battle Force box will contain:

  • A Batra Huntmaster
  • A clutch of three Batra Hunters
  • A clutch of three Batra Stalkers
  • A Predation Clutch of three Batra Predation Pods
  • Two Batra Field Generators
  • A Batra Venator Hull
  • A Batra Shikari Hull

This is a 34 point battle force in the game, granting you access to all three of the additional objective types. On the table it is a fast and elusive force thanks to their high movement characteristics and cloaking ability. If you like big frogs and going on the hunt with awesome energy weapons then your faction has arrived.

Join the hunt in May when the Outward Realms Kickstarter goes live.

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