Soldier On

Augment Soldier

The augment solider is the pinnacle of decades of research and development by the Collective, working clandestinely with House scientists. Each augment is sheathed in phasic alloy power armor which is customized for the wearer and provides protection from the dangers of any environment. Augments many be called upon to operate anywhere. From the depths of deep space, to a high gravity desert world, or a low gravity arctic moon. No matter where they find themselves, their equipment is ready to aid them in victory.

Beneath the armor is the Realm’s most valuable weapon: an augment soldier. These people volunteer for grueling training and spend four years preparing for battle. In the beginning it is merely physical. Difficult months spent on a high gravity world doing cardio and challenging tasks of strength. In addition to building up their bodies this ensures their mental commitment for the challenges to come.

Then come the cybernetics. Enhanced vision and hearing. A tactical module for their AI Companion. Synthetic muscle and tendon reinforcement. Bioplastic bone infusions. Nano-weave nerve fibers to enhance their reflexes. All powered by a fusion core battery stored in their abdomen. It takes many painful months to learn how to adapt to and take advantage of these technologies . But do so they must to proceed in their training.

After they heal their training continues, as they are honed into living weapons. Drilled in the use of the gatling magcannon and the phasic knife, educated in the tactics and wargear of the aliens they are likely to encounter, and subjugated to brutal simulation combat against enemies both real and imagined. Once they have succeeded in all of these measures they are ready to begin their tour of service. Each tour is a decade long and if they survive it they are encouraged to re-enlist which grants them rank and seniority, giving them access to train with the more powerful of the Realms wargear and vehicles.

In the game, including an augment soldier squad in your battle force gives you access to the occupation additional objectives, as well as access to the suppression action which allows the squad to lay down withering fire to slow your enemies and reduce their ability to return fire. Each is armed with a gatling magcannon, a high rate of fire projectile weapon, and a phasic knife for melee engagements.

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