Meet the Factions

Each faction is getting it’s own article category unique to themselves. In these articles you will find faction news, lore and rules. Here is what they will be named:

  • News Galactic is all about The Realm. The Realm’s largest news organization is called News Galactic. Fitting then that this should be all the news that is fit to read about The Realm.
  • Clan Decrees is all about the Batra. The clans form the largest social structures for the Batra and their decisions impacts all Batra. Whether you consider yourself a clutchling or an experienced Huntmaster, the information you need is here.
  • The Queen’s Chamber is all about the Hexagota. At the heart of every hive is the Queen’s Chamber. Supported by her swarms, issuing commands and exerting her influence to her swarms. If you can’t receive psychic commands these articles are the next best thing.
  • Inside the Mind is all about the Niphal. A Niphal Mind is a complex, alien artificial intelligence. It can be hard to figure out what it is thinking but to gain some insight come here to find out what the Niphal Minds are up to*.

Every faction looks forward to making your acquaintance!**

* You know, aside from the usual exterminating all sentient life thing.
** Except for the Niphal Minds. They are tragically antisocial.